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As a founder of the project, it is my great pleasure to notify all of you, to encourage and support the initiative. Please post your views and advise for the cause. THIS IS A VICTIM SUPPORT CENTRE! No cost needed but prayers and blessings on the way to the victims of social injustice. Particularly Child Rape! If you are a SURVIVOR and wish to help us with your experience and counseling, you are most welcome as a divine supporter for a noble cause. Women for Women! If you are a MAN, join the war to end violence against women and girls. 333% rise in reported rape incidents! STOP THE SHAME! Worship SHAKTI to protect shaktis. WE HEAR, WE HEAL, WE HELP through spiritual healing, counseling, strategic legal support and empowerment, Coordination with the State administration and prosecution for pending cases in the judicial process. We are supported by Green Tara Social Initiative Charitable Trust. To contribute kindly email or click Support and contribute in our social projects. To view press coverage of our work click Press & Media

Santasree Chaudhuri

Women’s rights Activist & conscious healer Founder……….. Survivors For Victims Of Social Injustice. Victim support Centre. 20A, Lake View Road, 1st floor Kolkata –700029. India. (With prior appointment)


I am a girl , I am a born survivor from a killing womb .
I am a girl, born victim of social discriminations.
I am a girl growing as an object of exploitations.
I am a girl born to fight the injustice and non co operations.
I am a girl born to live up to your expectations !
Only because I AM A GIRL with lot of potentials.

By Santasree Chaudhuri


May 18, 2013 at 11:16pm
Smelling the wild flowers, I lost my way!
Stood alone in an empty cross road looking for my path,
I was enjoying for last so many years.
I asked my flowers around me with a Hope.
They laughed together in Joy, to find me standing alone lost and shattered
I looked back hoping to see a thin ray of light.
The darkness covered the forest of Evil.
I was embraced by the silence of death.
I cried for mercy and forgiveness.
Wild flowers danced around me, crushing my passion and desire.
I shouted and screamed for help from the shining stars.
There came a  falling star to guide my way.
The crushed petals blocked my way seeking for Justice.
I was happy to find my path of light, only to realise that I landed up at the door of hell.
I cried, this is not my door, asked for my golden gate I dreamt of.
My ego was still there with me as a faithful companion, only to realize that I am a DEFEATED MAN

By Santasree Chaudhuri

I am a kid

I am a kid i don’t know your name.
I am a kid i know you now in darkness !
You are my abuser, a criminal of social injustice !
You stay in my sub conscious to harm my future !
You are alive in my hatred and fear.
I am an educated adult to know you well !
You are a murderer of my soul, my childhood respect.
Yet you are free to move because of my silence !

By Santasree Chaudhuri


I am an ordinary girl ,
I want to roam around freely,
I want to dream big ,
I am an unknown girl my name is
under a threat ,
I fear , I am worried,
If I am raped, I will loose my name,
Just for a crime which I have not committed ,
I will have to live a life of shame,
If I die my dead body will top the news,
With a lost name and few days fame,
I will be a forgotten girl just to be buried ,
in the silent pages of the crime records,
just as a case number in the legal world,
But my soul will be free to run away,
With a new dream to be born again,
In a pure land around compassion !
I will be a fearless girl again.

By Santasree Chaudhuri

Event…..Interface of Religious leaders for Justpeace !


Good Evening.

Om Mani Padme Hum

Rather I prefer to say PEACE EVENING to ALL.

Because ultimate goal of our individual life is inner peace.

With deep respect I begin my life understanding.

As a women’s rights activist and healer of wounded victims of social injustice , i practise emptiness, impermanence on the platform of active compassion..

With prayer to  BUDDHA and my GURU, i prefer combating the deep rooted social crisis through peaceful means. Love, compassion, patience and touching the sufferings at the grass root level. Because between birth and death there is a gap and that is our precious constructive human life.

Today we have gathered here with our wounded wisdom and wondering what is wrong with our beloved World and our motherland INDIA ! Where people worship feminine energy in many forms and at the same time brutally harm the women and girl children emotionally and physically. India happens to be the greatest nation to promote secularism and respect for all religions, faith, irrespective of believers and non believers. We stay together in harmony and peace.

Are we moving towards spiritual poverty in our individual life understanding ? But i fear complete spiritual failure is not far away, if we are not trying to train and educate our minds ..and this is an emergency.This is a call of collective consciousness, togetherness of humanity and dealing the present crisis of morality, conduct, on the platform of compassion in action,humanism and evolving for justice and peace !

This is the right time to analyse the root causes of violent display of mind sets at all levels. For that matter our politicians too. We look upon them as our role model and do expect compassionate, sensitive attitude during our sadness . Our empowerment is challenged every day without a safe space, and being people’s representatives, we see them as our power points under our Constitutional Rights. RIGHT TO LIFE WITH DIGNITY !

Peaceful compassionate society is  platform for a peaceful nation and in that matter a peaceful home too.

We must understand one thing, that there is no GOOD VICTIM or BAD VICTIM . Any kind of violence and abuses are crimes against  humanity and this is our power point to unite to combat all kinds of violence, abuses in togetherness.

Why not compassion and kindness for effective implementation of our constitutional rights is a debatable issue.

Patriarchy, gender injustice, child labour, child abuse in all possibility, caste system, are still haunting India even in the 21 st  century.

That is the sad reality of India. Empowerment is not assured in its fullest potential in absence of social security for the victims of  social injustice.  Perfect implementation of prevalent strong laws, after necessary amendments must be assured through strong monitoring of the  ground reality. The police reforms, criminal justice system and protection of victims, witnesses are priority for delivering justice under our constitutional protection.

It is a fact that this type of crisis of child abuse, rape, murder is happening in the conflict zone, developing nations and that matter  in developed nations too. We find a steep rise of senseless acts of violence , rape murder and our most touching area is the CHILD ABUSE. No we can’t SHUT up on this or prefer to deal such issues of shame, in SILENCE.

Here we divide under…

1… Rule of law/ policy
2… Societal responsibilities
3.. Individual call of conscience

All three have to work together in the spirit of active compassion .Each one touching one. But now that our Temples of worship, educational institutions are becoming unsafe too. That is our biggest worry, because our ultimate refuge and safe places are our Temples of worship, Churches, and Educational institutions . With social media by our side, we are living beyond borders. World has become closer to all. The information through media and social net working sites are alarming and pathetic. But even if it is happening in negligible context, it is a matter of concern. Vigil, monitoring, disciplinary committee are practical solution for punishing the individual found guilty of committing such crimes. Here we are noticing spiritual failures. We are missing the perfect balance of BODY, SOUL AND MIND in spiritual context.

Now here we need mind control through meditation, contemplation, self healing and self assessment and practice of individual faith,  to manifest in our daily encounters. Life is balancing the positive and negative with our inherent pure nature.

Then comes our educational institutions, learning centres, where the children are trained to LEARN TO EARN not LEARN TO LIVE LIFE with understanding, acceptance, compassion , altruistic methods . We are not training our minds. There are some simple ancient MUDRAS which are very simple ways to align mind, energy points in perfect balance. I have shown it in our presentation on the screen with  authenticity and beneficial practices by just holding tips of our fingers for just five minutes daily. It works wonder, if done with meditation for 10 minutes in our school prayer hall after prayers.

Lastly the training of minds at home to teach empathy, dos and don’t , right and wrong.Parents are the best teachers. Not to forget our beloved school teachers who are our best guide in our initial years of up bringing to light up the consciousness. I believe in ground reality and let me present the victims of social injustice to share their stories rather my few more words of gender inequality, judicial delays and failure of kindness by nearest family members during their crisis.

So let me introduce a wounded widow fighting for her rights in her matrimonial home.  Maitryee Mukherjee .

I believe in compassion for challenging social crimes by staying closely near the victims. Now we need to unite irrespective of religious traditions for harmony, justice and peace. We need conscious healers to educate the mindsets of the children and adults too, not only through knowledge but also to LEARN TO LIVE in oneness of humanity and right mind set, should be the SLOGAN OF THE SOUL or our inner consciousness.

So Namaste and Thank you to ALL.

Santasree chaudhuri