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Justice A K Ganguly rules out resignation from WBHRC

PTI [ Updated 10 Dec 2013, 20:28:32 ]

Kolkata: Former Supreme Court judge Ashok Kumar Ganguly, who was indicted over allegations of sexually harassing a law intern, today ruled out his resignation as chief of WBHRC, as a fresh demand was made coinciding with Human Rights day.

“No, I am not,” Justice Ganguly said when asked by reporters whether he was resigning from the post of chairman of West Bengal Human Rights Commission (WBHRC) while he came out of his office which he has not attended in the past three days.

The retired Supreme Court judge, who is facing protests and stridents demands to quitoffice, had earlier said he would do whatever he had to.

“I will not answer any question of yours. I will do whatever I have to,” an angry Ganguly, who has been indicted by a three-member panel of apex court judges in the episode, said.

Piling pressure, Trinamool Congress MP Derek O’Brien tweeted, “Today is United NationsHuman Rights Day. Former Supreme Court judge Ashok Ganguly is continuing as chief of WBHRC. Sir, please don’t mock your office.” Womens’ rights activistSantasree Chaudhuri appealed to the intern to file a FIR.

“I have messaged her appealing that she has to come out now. Once you have accused a person in the open then you have to depose before the police and let the law take its course,” Chaudhuri, who runs a helpline ‘Survivors for Victims of Social Injustice’, told PTI here.

“The onus is now on her. If she keeps silent at this stage it would be a mistake on her part. Even the Delhi Police is seeking her support in the investigation,” Chaudhuri said.  President Pranab Mukherjee was petitioned by NGO Bharat Bachao Sangathan to consider whether the former judge could be arrested.

“Mr Ganguly has now been shameless in retaining the post of Chairman of West Bengal Human Rights Commission in spite of the Supreme Court panel findings and the police have not filed an FIR so far because he belongs to the clan of high profile people,” the memorandum to the President through West Bengal Governor M K Narayanan said.

Members of the NGO held protests outside the WBHRC office demanding his arrest and resignation from his post.  Many politicians, including West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, have sought action against him.  Banerjee has twice written to President Mukherjee asking him to take appropriate action urgently.