Santasree Chaudhuri

Santasree Chaudhuri


Award winning social entrepreneur & women’s rights activist. 25 years of entrepreneurial experience in logistics management services, International cargo handling, hospitality & renewable energy solution in social sectors. Worked for Peace and Justice.

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Vineeta Sharma

Vineeta Sharma


Specialization in renewable energy, 12 year entrepreneurial experience for providing complete solution in energy efficiency led lights and cleantech products & services including solar & biomass.

India is 5th largest producer of renewable energy in the world. Dreaming of a clean future for our next generation, we are committed to promote green energy, an environmental friendly option, conserving the world’s biological diversity towards clean sustainable use of renewable natural resources. We aim to make our villages GREEN.

So we need urgent action on climate change, shifting to green goal for a smiling sustainable future, a green lifestyle for safe indoor environment for our children. Shifting to green energy is what we should all AIM for.

“Our environment, ecology and earth the three E’s, which needs our compassion to sustain and ensure a better future. Let us join together to promote green and clean solution for MOTHER EARTH.”

Santasree Chaudhuri

India has diverted 50HA of forest land for coal mining and we need to save our most endangered species from extinction.

If future generations are to remember us with gratitude rather than contempt, we must leave them more than the miracles of technology, but a natural joy in clean earthly living, is something they will cherish in future.

Rural women are the backbone of our society and powerful catalysts for sustainable development to boost rural economy. Unfortunately they are living under energy poverty and are victims of social discrimination. They are exposed maximum hours to indoor pollution from conventional cooking ovens, kerosene lamps in absence of electrification. And silently suffer the inequality in absence of right to life, with health hazards and eyesight problems, children are also exposed to risks from respiratory, pulmonary and vision related problems from young age. Searching for fuels and life without light, most often put the women and girls at the risk of sexual violence.  Villagers in the forest region are endangered by wild animals, snakes under darkness. So we need to save precious human lives in order to provide equal opportunities as per our constitutional rights. Illumination ensures safety and right to life with dignity.

United Nations Environment program suggests kerosene fumes are responsible for around 64 percent of deaths of children under the age of 5 in developing countries. The solar led solution may be considered a better alternative, cost effective and environment friendly solution to meet the lighting requirements of dark houses and hamlets.

We are not only engaged in promoting renewable energy activities in different parts of the country, we also run a helpline SURVIVOR’S FOR VICTIMS OF SOCIAL INJUSTICE, victim support center free of cost, which is supported by Green Tara Social Initiative under our victim village program and primary school program.A life without light is a social injustice. This is the time to move beyond charity of lanterns. Now with the global trend of going green we should move ahead with complete off grid village illumination program, for a life time solution in renewable energy to lead a healthy life in safety and clean environment. The dangerous gap between grid and off grid situation is a failure of our basic equal RIGHT TO LIGHT without energy poverty.

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