Green Tara Social Initiative

GREEN TARA SOCIAL INITIATIVE manifested after a trip of compassion to an unfortunately famous village 20km away from Kolkata. Envisioned to Enlighten, Empower, Energize lives of women and children who are suffering under darkness.

Motivated to promote right to light, Green Tara Social Initiative is committed to stand for their illumination program. Social illumination has a broader perspective, it is not only illumination but health, safety and child rights for proper lighting. Insufficient light or no light is failure of education guarantee under our constitutional protection. It violates the RIGHT TO LIFE!

Life in darkness of our fellow rural citizens, is our social failure of consciousness as we enjoy comfortable urban life in proper electrification. When we spend millions for illuminating our places of worship, buildings during festive seasons, we hardly think of the children who are struggling without or due to insufficient lights. Women and children are having health hazards and eyesight problems, because of indoor pollution, for using kerosene lamp and conventional cooking ovens i.e. chullahas in their everyday life under darkness and without adequate rural electrification.

So let us start a GREEN ENERGY MOVEMENT to Enlighten, Empower and Energize in clean environment. A cost effective Solar Solution to begin with.
To lighten up the remote corners of our rural population who are silently looking at our conscience to open up in order to enlighten them in clean energy with green power. So let us elevate lives in Solar Safety.

A humble beginning started with Victim Village Programme, Primary school program and Learn to Donate initiative for training of compassion and kindness to school children.

Green Tara Social initiative has completed successful commissioning of alley lights, free solar lantern distribution, solely on their own strength. Widely covered by press and media, we are determined to move further in our social commitments. But to implement more such projects of illumination programs we need collective cooperation.

Here, we need help to magnify such noble endeavor. More compassionate hearts to walk with us to make the movement of soul successful in solar power, for right to equal illumination. We are ready to partner with you to Enlighten, Empower, Energize and Educate lives from darkness. Our movement is a call of safety, health, clean environment and right to light for women and children, who are victims of social inequality, and social injustice. Let us protect them from this darkness and illuminate their lives with Power of Green! We humbly look for your social support for a better future in clean energy. This is an all women initiative.

How to contribute


I want to participate in collective journey of active compassion.

  • Primary school program
  • Village Illumination Program
  • Gift a light program
  • Refugee Community Illumination Program
  • Temple, Monastery, Church & Mosque Illumination Programme
  • Green Nutrition Food Packets
  • Empowering victims of social injustice program
  • Victim support program
  • Training of compassion/kindness to children

Special Solutions offered

  • Green toilet solution
  • Complete energy solution for villages