Evolve for Justice and Peace


Excerpts of speech by Santasree Chaudhuri at  Interface of Religious Leaders for Justpeace Theme: Combating Paedophilia, Abuse, Rape of Young Girls in India Organised by: DIOCESE OF CALCUTTA-CNI , INDIA PEACE CENTRE & Gandhi Peace Foundation At La Martiniere for Girls Auditorium, Kolkata   Date: 15th July 2013.

By: Diocese Of Calcutta

Are we moving towards spiritual poverty in our individual life understanding ? But i fear complete spiritual failure is not far away, if we are not trying to train and educate our minds ..and this is an emergency.This is a call of collective consciousness, togetherness of humanity and dealing the present crisis of morality, conduct, on the platform of compassion in action,humanism and evolving for justice and peace !

I believe in compassion for challenging social crimes by staying closely near the victims .Now we need to unite irrespective of religious traditions for harmony, justice and peace. We need conscious healers to educate the mindsets of the children and adults too, not only through knowledge but also to LEARN TO LIVE in oneness of humanity and right mind set, should be the SLOGAN OF THE SOUL or our inner consciousness.

Santasree Chaudhuri

Entrepreneur & Woman Activist/peace activist/Conscious healer on the platform of emptiness, impermanence and compassion.